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Here’s the Perfect Solution if you

want to to improve your Emotional & Mental Health.

Only $200 for 4

Serenity Vibration Healing Sessions
Online ONLY 

Hi, I am Christina & I would love to help you gain the best out of your health.


intuitively work with my clients to energetically heal and create a space of supportiveness, where they can feel open to go deep within themselves and heal their emotional blocks or anything that they may feel they need a little more guidance with.

Serenity Vibration Healing

Serenity Vibration Healing or SVH for short, is a healing modality used to help to heal and remove any blockages within us, that may be limiting ourselves from higher achievements.


It is an energy that is connected through your higher self or god self that allows me to intuitively feel into where there may be pain, or healing that needs to take place.


This is an intuitive energy healing through love and light.


Serenity Vibration Healing Can Help with:

  • mental health 

  • emotional health

  • creating balance

  • healing trauma

  • gaining clarity

  • feeling energised

  • depression

  • cord cutting

  • physical health

  • spiritual health

  • relationships  

  • loneliness 



What my clients are saying about it

"I feel so grateful to have met Christina. From the moment I met her, her calm, soft spoken and friendly aura put me at ease, when I am usually an anxious person and find it hard to open up to people in general. Christina is open, patient, warm, a great listener and really knows the right questions to ask. Her soft spoken voice is calming. Every time I have met with Christina I found her very intuitive and insightful and always made me feel very comfortable. I think about my experience with her often and try to always tap into that place that she helped me

get to when I am in times of crises. A true healer, I will definitely be back to see Christina again!" - Jayde

"I had an amazing Serenity Vibration Session with Christina. I felt extremely comfortable in her presence as she guided me through our session. By the end of it i felt a strong sense of release and calm. Thank you so much xxx" - Jenn

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