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Enlightenment, Elevation and Expansion.
As one delves into enlightenment, a journey of self-discovery unfolds, revealing a deeper connection to oneself, where the intricate beauty of the world intertwines with our innermost being. This elevation of consciousness ignites a journey of expansion, where every challenge becomes an opportunity for growth. Through profound insight, clarity emerges, guiding the path towards new connections and inner fulfillment, empowering each step towards higher realms of being

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This journey is about transformation, growth, and empowerment. Together, we will explore the depths of your being, uncover hidden potentials, and heal past wounds. I am here to support you every step of the way, guiding you to embrace your inner power and achieve a profound sense of peace and fulfillment. This is your time to rise, to unleash your fierce determination, and to conquer anything that stands in your way.

Awaken the Warrior  Breathwork & Cacao
Awaken the Warrior  Breathwork & Cacao
19 June 2024, 6:40 pm – 9:30 pm
Merkaba Studio,
15 Mills St, Cheltenham VIC 3192, Australia
Energy Healing

Enlightenment with Energy Healing

Book for one on one sessions single or multiple.
What Energy Healing do I use?
Serenity Vibration Healing & Theta Healing.

What can it help with?

All areas of Physical, Emotional, Spiritual and Mental health.
Remove any blockages
Heal trauma

Cord cutting
Create balance within
Find the seeds and foundations that keep us from living a full life
Release limiting beliefs and perceptions, while reformatting genetic predispositions and non-serving life patterns.
Create sovereignty, autonomy and the freedom to live a life that is free of the attraction of limiting experiences that have the potential to block your smooth, graceful, expedient evolution to higher consciousness.
To silence random inner dialog, freeing the quieted mind to form it’s creations in a focused clarity that will support rapid and even instant manifestation

Cacao and Sound

Cacao, Energy & Sounds Ceremonies

Hire me for private sessions or come along to a ceremony. 

An intimate and transformative cacao healing ceremony designed to foster deep connections, healing, and relaxation.

It offers a exploration of
rituals in a peaceful and sacred space.

Participants can expect energy healing, guided meditation, sound therapy, medicine drumming, and more.

The event provides an opportunity for attendees to connect with nature through foraged elements, engage in personal reflection through journaling, and create a warm and cozy atmosphere.

It's a journey of self-discovery and inner healing in a welcoming and nurturing environment.



Book for one on one session single or multiple.

Holotropic Breathwork is a therapeutic technique involving deep, accelerated breathing, evocative music, and bodywork to induce altered states of consciousness.


Developed by Stanislav and Christina Grof, it aims to promote emotional release, spiritual exploration, increased self-awareness, stress reduction, trauma healing, and creativity enhancement.


Profound experiences and insights are known to be received.

Natural Makeup

Natural Makeup Applications and Lessons 

Book me for your special occasion or to learn all about natural makeup to best suit you.  

Makeup to enhance your beauty for all your special occasions. 

Learn the best tips and tricks for yourself to be able to apply natural makeup and have the confidence to apply for yourself for everyday or special occasions. 

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Sipping slowly, intentionally.My intention fully engaged, open, alive with the ceremony of the action.How deep is this cup? I thought to myself as so many sips had passed my lips, each imbibed with the love of our guide Christina, her good will, her good intentions and mine. I had a great enthusiasm for this session way before it began, this was now expanding, exponentially. However many sips into the depths, I don’t know, I raised high the cup to pour what remained ‘ín’, ‘out’. Flowing across my lips liken silken lava, on to my tongue down which it ran, a wee trickle that felt more as if to be a river, sliding all the way into my depths. I was sliding. How exquisitely beautiful the sliding. Wholesomely alert to this descent, the nectar ‘arriving’ as if at the centre of my being, into my body. There came words of guidance, I heeded, I followed, and then, there was ‘the child’, in the near and the far distance. I had a strong sense of who was there, a knowing of fact so carnal I began spontaneously to shudder gently within. This initial response gave way to a constant soft reverberation of energy through my entire body and the flowing of tears. We were encouraged to approach, as there was something we needed to gift to this child I did not doubt that, however my sense was that this child had something much more to gift to me. The gift was named in my way I gave it, whole heartedly, wholesomely, happily and so we were re-connected through the child's acceptance acknowledgement and gratitude There transpired an equanimous recognition of a mutual history born of many life times. the tears flowed onAs my conscious awareness travelled the space of this relationship, as if sifting through archival volumes belonging to the library of time, I became aware also that ‘this child’ had something more to offer something more for me to feel into I began to draw my attention from the great expanse of our shared and very personal story, in doing so the defining features of the child that had characterised our alliance, began to fade only momentarily was I there to wonder, as no sooner than I noticed this did the child's features begin to return. The physical appearance became clear once more, as did the energetic no less; it is almost too much for me to comprehend even now as I relay this experience to you here in writing however  there emerged ‘The Universal Child’ the All of Us as Innocence  as singularly ‘I’, as the great expanse of creation, and existence, of everyone and everything. filled with wonder awe and gratitude the tears flowed on So many to thank for this, however I shall start, for now, with you Christina, very much appreciated.“What a gift You are” 



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