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Holistic Detoxification

Homemade Skin Care

The cosmetic industry is unfortunately the most heavily chemicalized out of all the areas and we put these products all over our bodies, face and bath in them. Putting these products on our skin also does not get a filter like our digestive systems do. Home cleaning products as well is also an area to look at. Let me make it really easy and I will help you detox your home and cosmetic bags.


Emotions can be the best feeling in the world or the worst feeling. These emotions also can create a physical form in the body if they are not released or expressed. If you are feeling depression or heavy in your emotions let me assist in not only talking through what may be arising for you but break through this emotional pain that seems to limit you.


Our body is such an incredible vestal and tells us what it needs most, you only need to listen and connect to it. Having physical health and healing is vital for life. Let's detox your body and pantry together. I will walk you through what it is going to take to help you heal your body through foods with meal structure detoxing your pantry and your body.

Holistic Detoxification
Holistic Detoxification

From $30

Cosmetic & Home Detox

Makeup Bag Detox 

Beauty & Body Detox
House hold products Detox 


Emotional Detox

Healing Through your emotions 

From $30

Healings Through Foods

Cupboard Detox
Body Detox


Detoxing Together

Ready for deep cleansing

Detoxing Retreat

Detoxing through fasting. Fasting for the first time can be difficult so let me help you and take you through it step by step. Water and Juice fasting is one of the best ways to heal the body but also can be difficult if you never have done it before or/ and depending on your level of detoxing that needs to take place it can be instance. 

Join me at my next fasting retreat.

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