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Meet Christina

Energy Healer & Spiritual Wellness Specialist

Thank you for taking this time to get to know each other. 

If we haven't met before, I am Christina and this is my experience and journey.


I was born into a big Italian family, surrounded by food and homemade well... everything. Food was a connection for us, it brought us together and it was always a way of showing love. I am extremely grateful for my family and all of our Italian wonders from making tomato sauce, fresh pasta and wine to olives in jars and homegrown produce from the garden. What a wonderful experience it was growing up with this all and I will forever be grateful to have this as a part of me and who I am no matter where my journey takes me. I will always remember my roots. 

This may be where my root started but I will be completely honest with you, I wasn't always full of self love and walking this spiritual path.  I was full of insecurities and I didn't know my true self.


There was always this feeling of not being good enough within anything in myself from beauty, smarts, body to friendships and romance. I was trying to fit in feeling unaccepted, unsupported and unloved by myself.

This was the biggest limiting belief I had "That I wasn't enough." 


Being the creator of my own life I had made this a reality.

When I was 20 years old my life had taken a turn. I suffered a serious back injury. This was the most painful experience on many levels. I was bedridden, I couldn't walk, sit, stand or even roll over in my bed without the most unbearable pain. I was taking lots of painkillers, anti-flamertaies and medications I couldn't even keep track of. This was my life for 2 years and it only resulted in another flare up of the injury and ending up going in and out of hospital with internal pains. After months of doctors searching for the reason to why the internal pains were taking place, for it all to only come up with IBS, but I knew my body would have been affected by all the medications that I took. The flare up was at the point when the doctor's turned to me and said that they would have to operate. 


Right then I was blown away that the solution was to go through surgery. I was 22 and the idea of having my body cut open was a big NO NO. I heard my heart loud and clear. GET OUT... There had to be another way. I couldn't believe I was meant to just get used to living in pain. 


The next step for me was finding an alternative treatment to recover my Body, Mind and Soul.


I had stopped taking all medications completely and my journey to holistic health started.  

I continued to work with my physiotherapist and an acupuncturist and I was taking clinical pilates and doing hydrotherapy. All of this was on a weekly basis. I was then doing more research into the digestive system and finding a way to help me heal. 

I detoxed and cleaned out my system more and more over the years to the point where I was able to reverse the issues I was having. The more I cleaned out my body from toxins the more I was feeling better and more healthy and aligned with my purpose.  


As my physical being became stronger I started to discover my spiritual being. 

This is where my heart sang, where I felt the most fire in my heart. To connect so deeply to spirit and grow my awareness of myself and my heart space to know that all of this was to take me to my true path of healing. Healing through love and light, to help anyone find the peace and love within their hearts just as I did. 


This is where my Holistic journey started but it never really ends, every day I am learning, growing and becoming the best self I can be.

My failures are my strength.

Thank you again for taking the time to get to know my journey. I now would love to hear about yours and where I can assist you most.


Always with love

Christina Cerone

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