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Intuitive Sounds is a Ceremony created by Christina and Dan.
Cacao, Energy, Sound & Ocean.
With full power, they step together to create a space that will leave you feeling harmonious, transfigured and alleviated as you are held with mother earth and father sun. 


Intuitive Sounds
Intuitive Sounds
Time is TBD
Half Moon Bay Beach Dog Off Leash Area


“This was my first sound ceremony so I wasn’t sure what to expect. The moment I arrived and the energy of the dome, Christina greeting me with a beautiful hug and the other the guests I felt engulfed in calm energy and unconditional love. The ambiance, made it a perfect environment for healing. The essential oils and what was burned to create the ceremony were all very nurturing. The healing aspect for me had me feel very calm, cleansed, present, grounded without any intense ups or downs. Lastly the sounds were the most magnificent unique sounds I’ve ever heard from deep rich sounds through to the calmness of water. Dan is very skilled has very tuned in auditory and a very creative gift of  sound. 
I felt safe and in expert hands. I’d do it again.."


— April 23rd, 2022

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