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How I dealt with my Sweet Tooth Cravings

When I was changing my lifestyle and removing all the naughty foods I use to love to eat, I found these few things the most helpful.

Your new best friends will be: Bananas





Nut Milks

Few little cheat tricks: 1. Banana boats with peanut butter, cinnamon & a drizzle of honey. Optional blueberries, hemp seeds, cacao nibs.

2. Berries with organic yogurt. Options: I actually love to have a apple cut up with yogurt and pumpkin seeds and honey

3. Dates with peanut butter inside and if you want to go really crazy melt cacao chocolate over the top and let chocolate set turns them into little Snickers bites

4. Avocado Cacao Mousse In a blender put about 1/2 avocado 2 tablespoon spoon of cacao powder add smallest amount of a plant based milk sweeten to taste with either stevia, maple syrup or honey

I would normally run it few time in the blender to mix it and keep tasting it if I need to add more cacao or sweetness

I also add a couple pinches of sea salt flakes to cut through the bitter cacao

5. A simple glass of nut milk, what could be better. I love #Almoalmondmilk have it on its own or make a really yummy tonic out of it - which I will add to another blog for recipe

6. Organic cacao chocolate oh there are so many out there now. #panachocolate is a favorite but here are a few more I have found to love. #tonantzinchocolate #locolove #altereco


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