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My Recommendations 


Pureheart Alchemy Mysts are beautifying aromas to uplift the senses as well as high frequency 'state' changers healing body, mind and soul, working with your Subtle-Body-Centres. Living flower essence combinations create shifts in your Auric field. Just as ripples move on a pond, the flowers, oils and frequencies contained in these bottles shift your experience at an energetic level, moving like liquid consciousness, assisting you to make better choices from a heightened state of awareness.
"I designed these Bio-resonant frequency Mysts to fine tune the vibration of the human design. The multi-layering of these mysts make all the dimensions, and realms of nature inherent within us, available to explore intuitively"-Adrian Anteros


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Tonantzin is the Aztec word for Sacred Mother Earth.
This is the cacao that is use within ceremonies. 

Our passion is to create a chocolate experience that embodies the rich and sacred origins of cacao from the ancient cultures of Mexico, while using amazingly healthy ingredients that give vitality, and energy. Our handcrafted recipes reflect the use of a spectrum of ancient superfoods, enhancing the message that food can be sacred, and chocolate can be good for you! We believe our own health and vitality is deeply intertwined with our connection to nature and the web of life we exist within.


Sacred is the Cacao I use within my ceremonies. Cacao is a sacred medicine giften from the Indigenous tribes in South America, the Ashaninka. 
The ceremonial cacao is what I use for my group healings however there are four other flavours Earth: original cacao, Fire: chill, Love: rose, Vitality: matcha mint. My personal favorite is Love.  

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An absolute must have. Theses magical diaries, journals and more are not only created with magic from the heart but has deep insight to the changes of the moons cycle, astrological planning, goals and intentions setting and deep understanding of our women's cycle. Receive 10% off when you use my discount code MAGICCC

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Powerful tonics and herbs to Elevate Mind, Body and Spirit. 
I use Superfeast everyday either mixed into a warming tonic or added to my smoothie to gain the amazing health benefits from these wonderful products. 
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Having a healthy gut gives you the foundation for healthy skin, healthy eating habits and a healthy lifestyle. Feeding your gut the right kind of probiotics can be overwhelming with all the ranges and types out there. Start here and receive 10% off when you use my discount code CHRISTINA10 

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Holistic wellness starts with self love. Yoni love. Connecting to yourself to deeply and creating so many health benefits by practicing self pleasure and kegel egg exercises: dis-stresses the body and mind, reverses ageing, enhances sexual pleasure. Receive 10% off when you use me discount code CHRISTINALC

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Tribal Trading is my one and only go to for my Yerba Mate' tea.

I drink this every single day. I have this instead of coffee.  
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Miod Skincare is one of the best quality and result driven ranges I have come across. Miod Skincare is also locally made by hand. 
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Healing your body takes some big changes. When it come to detoxing and finding the right products to help with these changes Heal thyself has an full range of product.  


Essential oils for me are a simple must for every home. The use of them are endless. Start the switch to a healthier home environment now. 
From cleaning to skin care, health and body let me help you with the change. 

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