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Feminine Empowerment Ceremony
Discover the power of connecting with your body in a profound way! Express your interest and secure your spot with a small deposit.

This unique event is dedicated to shedding the shame that often accompanies our perception of our naked, bare, and beautiful bodies. Join us as we embrace a reconnection with our sisters and the Earth Mother, returning to our authentic selves.

The ceremony will take place in a sacred and ceremonial setting around a comforting fire, immersed in the beauty of nature. Together, we'll delve deep into areas such as shame, hurt, trauma, sexual abuse, and the societal expectations that surround us—all with the intention of letting go of these layers to reveal our true, bare selves. This process is a rebirth, paving the way for healing and self-discovery.

Feminine Empowerment
Feminine Empowerment
Address is given privately


“Christina was a warm hearted open joyful guide.
The secluded beach space for our empowerment ceremony was captivating, raw, just divine and I loved connecting in with the elements of nature and the femme souls by my sides. The experience was freeing, liberating and I felt very welcomed and supported by Christina. The impressions captured were divine and magical. I naturally was at ease and was able to completely open up like a lotus flower and share my truths and femme desires. It was a such a blessing for all of us to hold sacred space for each other.A gorgeous full moon immersion indeed.
Thank you gorgeous woman.
I would highly recommend this very special immersion with Christina for anyone who has a inner calling to re-member, re-connect and re-ignite their inner femme empowerment flame and with other star beauties alongside and shine naked! 
Love and magic."
Claire Stade.

— Jan 18, 2022

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