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30 year of Magnificence

December 28th 2020 was the day.

The day I said goodbye to my 20s and started my journey in my 30s.

Leading up to this I felt that there was some kind of expectation I had on myself to have achieve certain things to be able to feel accomplished in my life, well let me tell you the honest true...

No, I don't have my own home No, I don't have a husband and kids

No, I don't have a career, where I have worked for over 5 years. But what I realized is that I don't need these things to feel accomplished and full in myself and my life.

What my journey has gifted me the last 30 years is so much more than I could ever imagine, more than some ever get to experience in there lifetime.

The Open Truth... Even though I have turned 30 I am in the best shape of my life. I have just started to make real progress on my body and I am feeling like a Warrior Goddess.

I have learn so much about health and healing through my journey that I am so glad and fulfilled to be able to help others feel the same.

I am working towards my career goals with employment and my own business in holistic wellness & healings. I love what I do and enjoy going to work as well as working on my own business.

I have learned so much about relationships and feel that I have done the work to call in my perfect partner. We are always learning and working together on own relationship with ourselves as well as our relationship with each other.

Practitioner of self love, feeling empowered by taking the time to give to myself, knowing that I am taking care of my heart, mind, body and soul.

On the night of my birthday, watching how all areas of my life had come together and the type of people I share my life with. These few that I would do anything for and know they would be there 200% for me. I am completely blessed to have such beautiful souls in my life. I am a light, I am pure love. I have journeyed with and am constantly learning from plant medicines and their spirits. This is not taken lightly and only few know this about me. I share this for complete transparency of who I am. I have worked with many different plant medicines but only ever in a ceremonial way, the spirits of these plants are with me always.

I am blessed and loved. I hope by reading this, it reminds you of your own beautiful self and the all different small or/& big things you have achieved in your life and to celebrate them.

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