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Smoothie Creations

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Christina's Smoothie recipe

Christina's Creation.

As promised here is my smoothie recipe:

-Using a blender or bullet @ninjakitchenapac

- Spinach frozen

- Pineapple frozen

- Wild Mixed Berries frozen

- Unsweetened Almond Milk @mandoleorchard or @almomilk

- Maca

- Lucuma

- Mesquite

- Camu Camu

- Bee Pollen

- Goji Berries

- Collagen Build @nutraorganics

- Lion's Mane @teelixir

- Qi @superfeast

- Green Barley @probioticfoods

- Rose Water

- Dates or Honey

- Protein I love and use when I do is @edenhealthfoods

Blend together and Enjoy with your favorites toppings 😍

Superfeast link DISCOUNT CODE- My Recommendations

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