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Feminine Empowerment

Why I Started the Feminine Empowerment Ceremonies. A show of hands who have ever picked and poked at their bodies? A show of hands who have ever felt like it was a NO but went ahead with it anyway or has said NO, and that wasn’t honoured? Okay, and now a show of hands who have ever been picked on by another female?

Whether you raised your hand in honesty or not, what I will share with you will definitely be felt deep within your heart space.

As a woman in this modern world, I can share with you the experiences of my own and shed light on your own experience to help you gain insight and awareness. WE CAN CREATE LOVE AND SUPPORT FOR EACH OTHER AGAIN, WE CAN CHANGE.

For as long as I can remember, I myself and pretty much every other female I have spoken to has experienced some form of body insecurity or comparison. We are more than ever made to feel insecure with social media pushing in our faces, the so-called perfect “Insta Model” and “the filters”. The media creates a ripple of how we should look like and dress like and be like to be successful as women.

Women are expected to look a certain way to be and be a certain way. These expectations are put on ourselves from ourselves, the media, and all kinds of different avenues from family, friends, and culture.

Not only do we have these expectations, we poke at our own body’s and faces, but we do it to each other as well.

I know for me growing up, I didn’t have the kind of friendships I truly desired and was picked on by the “friends” I had. These wounds are deep for me and is why I more than anything want to shine a light on the way we all as women have felt at one point or another about ourselves or others on how we should be feeling and how we can change this, how I want to support all women out there to have the courage to work through these wounds and create lasting SELF LOVE, FIND SOUL SISTERS, AND BE COMPLETE WITH A FEMININE EMPOWERING COMMUNITY.

Get your journals out, beautiful sister’s

Let’s break this down.

Sexual traumas

Self talk/love



Tile your page Sexual Traumas

On this page, I want to reflect on any times this might have come to pass.

No matter how big or small it was, I want you to give yourself a safe space to write all that you are feeling and experienced with this. (seek professional help if you need and know that is completely okay).

Give yourself gratitude for being able to go back to these moments.

Really go deep and think about any moment that might have happened even if it was as simple as you not really wanted to go ahead with the sexual acts but did so anyway.

Once you have written it all down, Rip that piece of paper out of your journal and then hold that paper between your palm at your heart and say to yourself “I now release you, I thank you and no longer wish to hold on to you, on to this trauma”. When you have done this, I want you to take this paper to a safe burning place.

Be fire safe with this step. Burn your paper, and with that envision, your pain is being released. When you have burned your paper, take a quiet moment to yourself and lay down and place your hand over your womb and envision white healing light coming through your hands, feel your heart light up with unconditional love and feed this from your heart, through your hands into your womb.

I want you to know that you are not alone, and if you wish to share and talk about any of these experiences, reach out to me.

Next Self love.

Okay ladies let’s now get bare naked and stand in front of a mirror this time not poking out the so-called bad stuff. I want you to only find the good stuff.

Go from your head to toes and say at least one thing good about every part of yourself, e.g. Hair, eyes, lips, arms, hands, nails, breast, tummy, bum, legs, feet, toes, skin.

Everything can be as simple as I love my hair colour; I love my breasts. Even if you don’t truly believe it, say it, tell yourself how much you love yourself.

Continue this with gratitude. Say how grateful you are to have all the wonderful things your human body has. eg. legs to walk.

You can take this a step further now and get some beautiful massage oil and massage yourself with it. Give yourself a loving breast massage, get the circulation going, and continue down your body until you reach your yoni for self pleasure. Yes that’s right, ladies. Self-love starts with self pleasure and truly gives unconditional love to yourself. With this, I also want you to reflect back on the sexual traumas that you have worked on healing and use the orgasim to break yourself free from the pain and hurt of this time. Let your womb heal itself with the unconditional love you are giving yourself in this moment of self pleasure.

If you can give this much love to yourself everyday, just imagine the kind of powerful goddess you can be.


We have all done this. Next time you find yourself scrolling thinking wow, I wish I had that body, hair, face, etc. Whatever it might be: house, car, baby, relationship, and even food. I want you to stop yourself in your tracks as soon as you realise you are comparing yourself. Then bring it back to yourself, ask yourself “Why am I really feeling this way about it?”and “What can my next actions be to change myself to get closer to my desires?” Whatever it might be, body, house, lifestyle. Ask yourself what I can do within my current life to achieve these desires. Change the thought pattern from comparison to inspiring your own life. Then, bring it back to gratitude. Reminder yourself of the amazingness in your life.


Get the journal out again, my beautiful sisters, and write down all these painful moments you remember being bullied. With each moment, I want you to focus on the person behind it and hold forgiveness within your heart. Yes, that is forgiveness; it might seem simple but so effective. Fill your soul with forgiveness; let it pour out of you. After you have done this I want you to find a card and choose one person in your life who is also female to write a letter to. In this letter will be all the things you admire and appreciate of them and send it to them. Give that female the empowerment she needs.

I am so blessed to walk through this with you. As I said, I would share with you my experiences openly. I share with a loving heart and for no reason other than allowing you to feel safe to go within yourself to heal.

This was one experience I share that has a few touches of the areas we covered.

One of my first boyfriends growing up that I felt was the right boy at the time to also give my virginity to, after it happened, not only did he end the relationship with me the next day but he spread the sacred experience around the whole school in detail.

To follow this, I had what I thought were my 3 “best friends” go behind my back to hang out with my ex, ongoingly. As this all happened very quickly, I was seeking support from them over the phone, after the break up. The 3 of them were getting ready to go out with my ex the same night and making fun of me over the phone as I cried with pain from the break-up experience and said cruel things between them but I could still hear them through the phone. This went on to them continuing to hang out inside and out of school to where at school my ex would ignore me completely but continue to speak and say hello to the “friends” even though I was standing right next to them.

This then went on to the birthday of my ex that I was surprisingly invited to but to drown my pain I drank a little too much however I remember it as clear as day and have never experienced being blackout drunk or never really drunk much in my life. My ex kept trying to say he would take care of me even though I was fine and happy to sit to myself, where the party was however, I was taken by my ex to a tent he had set up in his backyard as the party was at the front yard, and no one was going around the back. He then forced himself onto me even though I said No and was trying my hardest to get away and out of the tent. Which I did at one point, but he would just carry me back in. I won't go into detail on what he did in the tent to me. After I was able to get out again and I saw one of my “friends” and told her what happened she then went to comfort him and well he changed it all around and of course shared it with all the school again. No one believed me in what actually happened, and neither did my “friend." Which, despite my concert warning for her, she ended up dating him as well.

This is one of my stories. I thank you all so very much and send love to you all. Love and blessings Christina Cerone

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